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Identifier: FAR1

Coord: 48.3855N 9.0767E
Var: 1°E

Country: Germany
Municipality: Unknown

Station Elevation: 2605 ft
Pressure Altitude: 1932 ft
Density Altitude: 746 ft
Freezing Level: --

Civil Twilight
Morning: 05:21 UTC  (06:21 local)
Evening: 17:47 UTC  (18:47 local)

Flight Rules: VFR (about 5 hours ago)

METAR EDDS 060150Z 25003KT CAVOK M00/M03 Q1036 [decode] [toggle past 4 hours]
(Station: EDDS; distance: 19.17 nm)

TAF EDDS 051700Z 0518/0618 32007KT 9999 FEW040 BECMG 0521/0523 VRB02KT
(Station: EDDS; distance: 19.17 nm)

Upper Winds

Source   Valid 3000 6000 9000 12000 18000 24000 30000 34000 39000 45000 53000
GFS 0609/0611 0607-04 0317-09 0342-09 0352-09 0263-21 0161-33 0160-49 0155-58 0145-65 0230-61 3511-56


None within 25nm.


None within 25nm.


No NOTAM found.

Runway Data

  • Rwy 10/28 - 3281x0 ft (surface: gravel, lighted: no)

Nearby Airports

  • EDSA - DEGERFELD (8.18 nm S)
  • UBE1 - UBERSBERG (9.86 nm ENE)
  • ROS1 - ROSSFELD (12.86 nm NE)
  • EUT1 - EUTINGEN (13.39 nm WNW)
  • MUN1 - MUNSINGEN EISBERG (14.70 nm E)

Nearby Navaids

  • TGO - TANGO TACAN (15.77 nm NNE) nearby_navaid.kind
  • SUL - SULZ VOR (17.27 nm W) nearby_navaid.kind
  • SGD - STUTTGART DME (19.09 nm NNE) nearby_navaid.kind
  • STG - STUTTGART VORDME (20.00 nm NNE) nearby_navaid.kind

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